Top 10 Back to School Tips For Teachers

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It’s a new academic year and we can already tell it’s going to be a fantastic one! Here are our top 10 tips to ease you back into September…

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  1. Let that Confidence shine.

With a fresh academic year, there comes a newfound confidence. Make sure you bring that new you straight into the classroom.



  1. Release your Inner Artist.

It’s time to A-map how you are going to be even more fabulous than you were last year. Reflect on last year’s successes and how you can add to them this year!


  1. Pace Yourself

It’s great coming into school early and leaving late, but make sure you still leave time for you – You don’t want to burn out and spend the rest of the year trying to catch up on all those zzz’s.



  1.  Prioritise

After the summer break, it can feel quite overwhelming returning to work. It can help to write a list, marking each item A – C, with A being the most urgent. Order each letter with a priority number from 1 – 10 and start with your A1.



  1. Inspiring SMARTs

Write some uplifting SMARTs for the year, which will help to inspire you, your class and maybe even the rest of your school. Remember your SMARTs should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.


  1. Share Space

Over the summer we created a GIANT share space, where we can all write on the wall and share our fantastic new ideas. You could create one in your classroom or staffroom, so the students or staff can all come together.


  1. Growth Mindset

We’re always going on about it, but failure happens. The key is to keep going – We are only human.



  1. Keep on laughing!

Laughter is natures best way to give yourself a boost! Laugh as much as you can, whenever you can! Here’s a classic YouTube clip to get you started…


  1. Half – Term

October half-term is only round the corner – Line up some fun activities for the week, or book that trip away that you’ve been planning for ages!


  1. Sleep

We’ve all read the articles on the health benefits of sleep, we know it’s hard, but try to get those crucial 8 – 10 hours of sleep a night.



Here’s to an AWESOME 2016 – 2017 Academic Year!



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