2015/16 GCSE Results Day

Education, Learning

There is no doubt that with GCSE’s comes highs and lows. 2014’s results were disappointingly low but 2015 showed promise with a significant increase. However, today’s results are the lowest they have been since 2008! This fall was anticipated, largely due to the government new re-sit rule for all 17 year olds without a C of above in English and Maths. We will hear a lot of statistics over the next few days and because of this it is easy to forget the individuals.

Today is a day not without celebration. One particular success that should be celebrated comes from a student at Littlehampton Academy, where we worked with a group of disadvantaged students for a 15-week programme to improve resilience, mindset and ultimately results.

Amy* was predicted U’s in many subjects and had resigned herself to failure from the start. She told our presenter…“Rob, don’t even bother with me I’m not going to get anywhere”. Although Amy was resolute, she continued to attend sessions every Friday after school. This alone shows Amy’s, the teachers and our own commitment and persistence. After weeks of hard work and determination she achieved A – C’s in many subjects, including English and Maths! Not only did she smash expectations, but she will be going on to study A-Levels, with the goal to become a teacher – WOW.

This inspirational story is why we do what we do. It is what makes teaching worthwhile, a testament to both student and teachers. Amy’s story will not be the only one in need of celebration today, many students will have experienced a similar journey of ups and downs, but resilience and perseverance has shone through.

From us all at Learning Performance, we’d like to say massive congratulations to both students and teachers for all of your hard work and dedication. The future can be epic if we make it.

Together we can raise achievement!

*name has been changed for confidentiality purposes.


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