Remembering our best teacher…

Education, Teaching and Learning

Education is currently getting a bashing with multiple reforms and we are facing a teacher recruitment (and retainment) crisis. Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s memories of his favourite teacher we wanted to celebrate the profession with our own reflections.


Roger Starbuck, Founder

“Miss Balls, my French teacher, was the best!

Every morning without fail she would enter our classroom with a tremendous burst of energy, enthusiasm, humour and commitment which never flagged throughout her lesson.

Years later when in the Sixth Firm we asked her how she managed to have so much energy. Her reply was that she always had a power nap every lunchtime.

I like to think that I modelled my life around her enthusiasm and commitment even though I was rubbish at French and never had the chance to have a power nap!”


Kristi Lelliot, PA to MD

“The one teacher that stands out to me is Miss Baker. She really made me feel special and I could do well! She made it clear how important time was to her, but would constantly stay late to help students, or put on extra revision sessions to go over work. If it wasn’t for her there would be absolutely no way I would have had the confidence to get an A in Maths.”


Gemma Hathaway, Presenter Coordinator 

“Michelle my Social Science teacher inspired me to challenge my perceptions of the world and others around me. She encouraged me to view the world in a fascinating and positive light that challenges the norms of society. It was her teaching that sparked my interest in social psychology.”


Holly Chandler, School Development Advisor 

“Mr Greenhalgh had passion and enthusiasm for the subject he taught, History. He had the ability to engage all students with his lighthearted jokes, not just in the classroom, but all around school.

I remember him for his humorous and personable approach, but equally for knowing when it was time to be serious. He connected with students on a one to one basis, and demanded respect while still making lessons enjoyable. He was without doubt one of my favourite teachers. He made me realise the importance of balance.”


Carrie Starbuck, Managing Director

“My favourite teacher was Mrs Vogel. A straight – talking, fashionable, fierce woman. It was her passion for History and her encouragement that inspired me to study the subject at University. Above all, Mrs Vogel showed me a woman could be powerful leader and for that, I am forever indebted to her.”


Teachers have incredible power. Let’s celebrate it. Who was your best teacher? Comment and share! 


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