What motivates you?

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Got motivation?

The motivation to achieve is what really creates that passion and buzz in what you are doing. Within education I believe that state of mind and motivation is the key to success. So much has been written regarding motivation and the effects it has on us as individuals, yet motivation is often hard to define. What’s motivating varies depending on the individual, which is why motivation is such a unique process.

The reason behind why we are doing something is too easily forgotten. Excitement, enthusiasm and passion not only come from a love of something, but also knowing what it is you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. Things wont always work out perfectly, but it’s about having the mentality to keep going.


Motivation is essentially based on our feelings, our thought processes and how we act on these. For example, a student may be motivated to work hard because their thought process is that they don’t want the shame and humiliation of failing. Or, a student may be focused on the pride and self-satisfaction that they will receive if they do well. Motivation is personal to each of us, it’s about having a focus in mind so that even when you want to give up, (which at times we all definitely do) there is something telling you not to. I think what’s important is getting students to think about this. These feelings are the side effects and triggers to motivation.

dont give up

Thoughts trigger action and therefore discussing what motivates a student is an incredible way of getting them focussed on wanting to achieve. Making someone self-aware can have fantastic results. Visualising where you want to be, thinking of goals and how you are going to get there, is what motivates most of us and influences how committed we are to something.

In terms of education, this doesn’t just mean thinking short-term. It’s about more than being motivated to get a good mark in an essay, or getting the results they need to go to college; it’s about being motivated to work towards the future you visualise. Thinking about what you can do in the short-term to enable yourself to get to where you want to be in the future. Channelling that thought process into everyday school life creates goal-orientated individuals that know the meaning behind why they are doing something.


It makes me sad to think that there are young people out there that lack the motivation they need to reach their full potential. Underachieving due to this is so easily avoided. Motivation 100% affects learning and behaviour in schools. It gives students the energy to keep going and creates the high effort levels needed to achieve. When you are motivated you have the ability to confront challenges you face. It makes an aspiring individual and determines the direction you take.

I believe that discussing what motivates you should without doubt be a focus within school, helping to encourage that love and want to learn from a young age. Being motivated forms a whole new outlook to life and makes students take responsibility for their own education. Motivation is not just something that benefits students now, but throughout the whole of their life. It creates an improved performance in  everyone and enables each of us to maintain a positive attitude.

Work hard, dream big and make things happen.


Written by Holly Chandler