2014 – 2015 Impact Report

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It is interesting, medical treatment is entirely based on robust evidence. A doctor wouldn’t give us a drug that was proven not work. Nor would the science community declare a new revolutionary gene, for example, without decades of research and evidence. Yet, bringing research and evidence into teaching and learning practice is a relatively new phenomenon.

When my parents started Learning Performance Training 23 years ago, they knew the transformational power learn to learn strategies had on their son. Every day since then we were confident of the impact we had on inspiring and empowering young people.

So when the Education Endowment Foundation launched their toolkit and highlighted meta-cognition and self – regulation (learn to learn skills to you and I) as a key way to raise student achievement, we all did a huge air fist pump. It solidified what we had known for twenty odd years.

I’m a massive advocate for evidence – based teaching. For UK schools to be cutting – edge and relevant in fast changing world we need research, evidence and education as a whole, to be progressive. After all, our children at the very least deserve an education that will allow them to flourish in school and beyond.

That is why, we have bought to you our 2014 – 2015 Impact Report. It is a fascinating and powerful read.

It shows staggering results on how a meta-cognition or learn to learn programme can dramatically raise attainment. Below is a snippet from the Impact Report.
St Thomas Infographic
You can download and read our 2014 – 2015 Impact Report by clicking here
Impact Report

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