The Sunday Times Education Festival


We are busy preparing for the Sunday Times Education Festival next week. Our stand is ready, balloons have arrived, helium is on it’s way and the car is packed.

Carrie Starbuck, the Managing Director, just this morning has put the finishing touches onto her presentation,”How to inspire a love of learning.”


Carrie’s talk is centred around tough issues facing teachers and students’ alike. With the move towards linear exams the danger is we begin to teach pupils’ to pass an exam rather than to develop, grow and nurture a love of learning. Yet, Carrie argues we can have both.

As teachers we can equip students with the tools needed to succeed in exams and still inspire a love of learning. We can do this by tapping into the power of imagination and creativity with fun learning strategies such as, memory techniques.


During the session Carrie will make teachers students once again and demonstrate creative and practical memory techniques that can be used in the classroom the next day!

We can’t wait!

If you would like to join us at the festival you can buy your ticket here!


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