2014. The year everything changed.

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We say over and over again to our students, you can’t learn without reviewing. This principle is fundamentally the same whether it be for school work, or life in general.

It is an opportunity to celebrate and/or commiserate, to learn from both the knocks and fun times so the next year is even more awesome. For Learning Performance 2014 is the year where everything changed.

Our Pupil Premium Project rocketed. In just 3 months, January – March 2014, the number of schools we visited doubled. This accelerated growth continued into this academic year with 270 schools joining our ranks. As a result, we welcomed new staff into both, office and field teams.

To have such a high demand during a tough economic time shows just how much schools believe in our learning strategies.

Family Business

Our 2014 impact evidence also speaks for itself. For example, 80 Year 7 & 8 Pupil Premium students who attended our 6 week literacy and numeracy workshop, improved by some 50%.

Equipping students with creative learning strategies helps them to become confident, independent learners. We always knew this, but it was finally supported by the Education Endowment Toolkit research on metacognition.

Beyond our work with schools we were incredibly proud to be part of the Sunday Times Education Festival. David Starbuck, our Education Director and Deputy Headteacher at Albyn School spoke to a packed – out room on Growing a Love of Learning.

Sunday Times Festival David at Sunday Times Festival








We also were thrilled to be part of UKTV’s new pilot programme Memory Slam. The final of the UK Schools Memory Championship was filmed with Countdown’s Rachel Riley and televised just before Christmas. We loved it, because it showed learning wasn’t about academic ability but about using the brain’s power of imagination and creativity.

Memory Slam

All in all, 2014 has been an exciting year full of growth, change and challenge. It has not been without disappointments but those were the best learning tools of all.


Happy New Year everyone!


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