Teachers; Thank You

Education, Teacher Resources

It is scary how quickly time passes by. The nervous new Year 7 pupils are now seasoned professionals and bewildered students returning from a 6 – 8 week summer break are now hard at work (hopefully).

In these two months alone we have worked with 200 schools across the UK (and Vienna!) reaching over 20,000 students, 2000 parents and 2500 staff. 70% of schools visited have contacted us, without prompting, to say how wonderful the workshops were and how our presenters are an inspiration.

This is staggering, especially as we are only at the beginning of the 2014 – 2015 academic year!

As a family company that is run by teachers, we can’t thank you enough. Without your dedication to students’ futures and passion for raising achievement we wouldn’t have an enviable education system. It may not feel like that every day, but put government policy and newspaper headlines aside, you are awesome.

I know you won’t be fully resting this half – term break; you will be marking papers, planning lessons, and when friends moan about the long hours they work you will be wondering about the kid with a questionable home life, and that is what makes you a teacher.

Now, go be awesome.

Kind regards,
Carrie Starbuck and the LPT Team


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