Why Memory Matters

Why Memory Matters

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Love or loathe them, the new national curriculum and exam changes are transforming the way our children have to learn. They now have to retain and recall large amounts of information when it matters most, in the exam.
This is a tall order for even the most talented and confident person, let alone a stressed 15 or 16 year old.
If we don’t do something now to help students then among the usual “Education in Crisis” headlines, there will be a heart – broken 16 year old who can’t study Engineering at College. He failed to get a C in Math because he forgot how to Factorise Quadratics.
Then there will be the young girl with high aspirations with offers from the top 3 universities in the UK but panicked in the exam and came away with D grades.
It is a grim thought, but thankfully an avoidable one. That is why memory matters.
Equipping students with metacognition skills such as, revision strategies, exam techniques and above all, a positive mindset, will be the key to success.
Our ‘Memory Matters’ workshop does exactly that, but if this hasn’t sold it to you already then this comment from a student we worked with recently should:
“I now believe I can do anything. If I set my mind to it, work hard, and believe in myself then there are no limits to what I can achieve. Thank you.” – Ben Year 10

For more information about how we can help students today prepare for tomorrow read our latest White Paper, “Why Memory Matters” by clicking here.


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