“Gifted” or “Thick”? It doesn’t matter. Intelligence is a myth.

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I was recently asked if we had any programmes for “thick” kids. I know. I made that face too. Biting my tongue and using my best diplomacy skills I said,

“It has nothing to do with so-called, intelligence. In fact, we prove to students their brain is simply a muscle that with the right training can strengthen and improve, just like an athlete. 

This shows them that nothing is set in stone. So if they feel they can’t do Maths, or can’t do Biology then we say to them, “You just can’t do it YET. Now, let’s work together so you can do it.” 

We then empower students by equipping them with learning strategies that will help them to become creative, independent thinkers with a passion for learning. 

So to answer your question it doesn’t matter if the student has the outdated label of “thick” or “gifted” because they all have potential. Intelligence is a myth from a different era and one that doesn’t belong in the 21st Century. What we do have is programmes to help students in different ways such as:

Reach for the Stars for A/A* Students – includes stress management and mindfulness.

Hit the Mark for C/D Students – includes motivation and growth mindset to boost confidence.

Learn Too for E/F or SEN students – includes building self – esteem and confidence.

Time to Say Yes for disaffected or those at risk of becoming NEET – focuses on behaviour, the future and the value of school. 

What do you think? Are labels helpful or outdated?

Leave your thoughts below. 



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