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The Pupil Premium Project 

As education professionals, we find ourselves facing increasingly challenging times. The recession has hit our schools hard but one shining beacon to come from the coalition has perhaps been the Pupil Premium.

The Pupil Premium shines a light on the sad but simple truth, that poor children achieve and attain at lower levels then their more affluent peers. The Premium funding is designed to help bridge the attainment gap.

Sutton Trust’s Pupil Premium Toolkit details the most effective ways of spending the funding. At the top of the tool kit’s list is to teach ‘learning to learn’ skills, including goal setting, reasoning and thinking skills.

That is why we have launched the Pupil Premium Project.

Amongst laughter (learning should always be fun!) we demonstrate essential learning techniques, such as, memory skills, understanding, A – Maps (like mind – maps but better!), critical reasoning, thinking skills, getting rid of revision, and exam preparation.

We then go one step further by compelling students to consider their future, set realistic goals and create detailed action plans.

Showing students how to use their imagination and creativity to make learning easier has a proven positive effect on their confidence and exam results.

A Headteacher of a school we recently visited told us,

It is difficult to ascribe improved exam results. But we changed just two things this year; moved the mock exams to an earlier date and hired Learning Performance.

To consolidate the techniques, we then work with staff and parents to spread the strategies for success across the whole school and at the students’ home.

From September 2013 schools can expect an increased focus on the performance and progress of Pupil Premium pupils from Ofsted inspectors.

To help with this, we collate a full evaluation on the success and impact of the project on students’ progress which can be included in the school’s report to Ofsted.

We have workshops designed for different age groups and abilities, from SEN to Gifted and Talented.

Together we can raise achievement.

What innovative things is your school doing to raise achievement? Tell us in the comments below!

For further information on the Pupil Premium Project and how we can help, contact us on 01903 872849 or email roger@learningperformance.com. 



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