Crowdfunding Project – Let’s Talk Sex

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The Sex Education saga continues, with schools struggling to confront the issues surrounding pornography.

With little sex ed training and guidance, you can’t really blame schools. Advertising, magazines, films, and the internet has made sex everywhere, inundating children with images, which are not necessarily healthy.

I’m pretty fed up. The press & government complain about the state of sex education but do little to help. We have visited over 100 schools with Stop Baby Ahead, a teenage pregnancy prevention workshop and have had hundreds more interested in the programme. YET schools who want it, need it can’t afford the extra support and help.

So we have hit a brick wall. Schools budgets are small and our dreams are bigger than us.


That is why I’m turning to you, the public, the parents, the teenagers, the grandparents, the business owner. Together we can create a generation empowered to make informed choices surrounding sex and relationships.

I’m launching an exciting project via Crowdfunding. Let’s Talk Sex is a forum for 50 students from the most deprived areas of London. The students attending the forum will receive a comprehensive resource pack so they can take back what they learnt to their schools to teach their peers. 

Think back to when you were young…Who taught you most about sex? I’m willing to bet it was your friends!

Here is how it will work: 

  • After the forum, attending students receive a resource pack complete with lesson plans, guidance, activities, and presentations, so they can return to school/college to continue the ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ with their peers
  • This means children learn from each other honestly, maturely and freely.
  • It is a small step to creating a generation who are empowered to make informed choices in sex and relationships.
  • It is entirely non – judgmental, impartial and certainly not ‘preachy.’ We never tell a student want to do. The forum simply provides a safe environment for teenagers to discuss their concerns & opinions while learning the facts.

The Cost:

The cost to hold the forum will be £1600. This includes venue hire, speaker fee, student travel expenses and the resource packs for each student attending.

As students will be coming from tough financial backgrounds we would like to help the student and school further by contributing towards travel expenses.

  • We have budgeted £460 for venue hire at the Southbank University in London.
  • The speaker will be paid £200, including expenses.
  • £250 has been set aside for student travel expenses at £5 per head.
  • Another £300 has been reserved for publishing & printing the resource materials for students to take back to school. Students will also receive the resources on a USB.
  • The remaining £190 will go towards Paypal & Crowdfunding fees, rewards and any nasty hidden costs we haven’t foreseen!

We believe we can do this but we do need your help to raise enough money for the forum to happen. The project will be published on Crowdfunding over the next week. I will publish the link here once it is live.

In the meantime, please spread the word about this worthwhile project!

If you would like to get involved or would like more information, email or follow us on twitter @LPerformance.


2 thoughts on “Crowdfunding Project – Let’s Talk Sex

  1. It is not surprising that our kids are learning about sex incorrectly. The true fact is most of us adults really have no clue what is realing going on. Pornography is everywhere. Have you ever asked yourself why. Of course money is always in there, but why do people look at porn so much? I can tell you because we have not relized that we are all searching for the excitment, the thrill, the change. The problem with relationships is they fail more times than not because the fire gets put out over time through monotiny and unchange, What we should do is trust in our partner to explore each other fantasy and desire. We do not do that for the most part because we are scared of what could happen, but I will tell you, nothing brings a couple closer than a couple that trust each other enough to tell those dark secrets. They need to be fullfilled, and since these needs are not being met, this is what drives people to search to fulfill that need. Most of the time it is fullfilled the wrong way. If we could have talked to each other, that could have been stopped a problem before it began. Porn could be used as a way to teach people how to fullfill their desires, make them more confident. Sex in itself is not the problem, its that nobody is really taught how, and are too scared to admit that they do not know. So they shut off. Which is why this cycle will not go away and are kids will suffer because we are not fixing ourselves. We can’t help anyone until we fix ourselves first.

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