The final push to exams!

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As exams draw near we are getting increasing queries about how to motivate students or give them that final push!

Let’s not be under any illusion… Motivation is not an exact science and there’s no silver bullet. Responsibility for any individual’s education belongs and always has belonged with that individual. If a student wishes to learn then they will, if not they won’t.

However, there are plenty of motivational theories to choose from such as, Abraham Maslow’s “Need Hierarchy Theory”, “Theory X and Theory Y” of Douglas McGregor, and Goal Setting Theory of Edwin Locke…. to name but a few.

Ours is simple;

Lack of Self-Belief + No Goal + No Plan = LOW MOTIVATION

Lack of self – belief is usually the core issue. If students believe they can’t do something, then why bother putting any effort in? There are a number of things a teacher can do to help encourage students self – belief and confidence. The simplest is praise; positivity can go a long way. After all, you may be the first person to tell them they can achieve.

The other is getting students to look at their mindset. Professor Carol Sweck’s summary of growth and fixed mindset is brilliant. Dweck’s work can open our eyes to the possibilities for growth across different areas of our lives, while alerting us to the fixed mindsets that may be weighing down our careers, relationships, families, or schooling.

Students (and you) can discover what mindset they are with this simple test. Just click on the link to download the questionnaire. What is your mindset

You can then encourage students to grow, develop and achieve.

As Dweck says;

The fixed mindset limits achievement. It fills people’s minds with interfering thoughts, it makes effort disagreeable, and it leads to inferior learning strategies. What’s more, it makes other people into judges instead of allies. Whether we’re talking about Darwin or college students, important achievements require clear focus, all-out effort, and a bottomless trunk full of strategies. This is what the growth mindset gives people, and that’s why it helps their abilities grow and bear fruit.

To book a motivation workshop for students or staff contact us on 01903 872 849 or email



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