Go for Gold: Our part of the Olympic Legacy

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There has been a lot of media attention lately on the Olympic legacy or lack of it after the London Games.

I adored the Games. I became interested in sports I didn’t know existed. I even cried when the guy won gold in shooting. Cried?! Yup. The olympic games in London was simply fantastic and united the nation for a brief moment.

We wanted to be part of the Olympic legacy. So we teamed up with Abi Griffiths, sports TV presenter, marathon runner and motivational speaker.  We wanted to take the benefits of sport; the focus, determination, empowerment, self – belief, the achievement and the ability to overcome obstacles into the classroom. 

The positive impact of sport on personal development, social skills and especially, academic studies should not be underestimated. Sport allows us to tap into a winning formula. It has the ability to transform and enrich lives, so that we too can wear our own gold medals!

These admirable qualities and valued life skills are not the birthright of world class athletes only. They can belong to each and every one of us. That is the real Olympic legacy.

If you would like to ‘Go for Gold,’ contact me carrie@learningperformance.com or call 01903 872 849 to book this motivational workshop. 



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