Revision Lessons Don’t Have to Be Boring – Some Ideas to Spice it Up!

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Revision doesn’t have to be boring. Combining creativity & imagination increases students ability to understand and recall. Thus, giving them a better chance of succeeding in their educational career. Here are some revision lesson ideas to spice things up!

The X – Factor

This is a really simple  & flexible idea. Students can work individually, in pairs or groups. Give them some information you want to review or consolidate; it could be pages from a textbook, a maths formulae  a passage from a novel – anything! Then allow 20 minutes for the students to create a rap or song to perform to the class! To be the real X – Factor you could nominate 4 judges, either yourself, staff or students, to pick the winner!


Pick four students in the class to become contestants in a special game of Mastermind! Divide the class into four teams, one for each contestant. Each team has to prep their contestant in their specialist subject (the topic you want to revise). Allow students 15 – 20 minutes to prepare to make it more fun and intense. Then send the contestants out of the classroom while they wait to be called to the ‘Chair’

You have to prepare 10 – 15 questions in advance. Ask each contestant the same questions and watch the rest of the class squirm as they know the answers!

In that lesson, students would have taught their peers, then heard it repeated four times. Contestants too will have made a concerted effort to memorize the topic. All while having fun!

The Nine O’Clock News

Create small groups of four or five students and tell them they have to create a news bulletin about a given topic. Give them around 20 minutes to prepare complete with on-the-scene reporters and expert commentators for interviews!

You can either give the groups the same or different topics. Either way, encourage the ‘audience’ to take notes while watching the each show. You can then produce a fact – sheet for each group to consolidate their learning.

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