Get Rid of Revision. Work Smarter Not Harder.

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Revision is a nasty word with many negative connotations. It stops students having fun, it fills them with dread, it is connected to boredom, exams, and stress.

That is why we (Learning Performance Training) Get Rid of Revision and use the Reviewing Philosophy. This is about working smarter not harder.

When we learn new links are formed between neurons in the brain.  These connections are strengthened every time you review what you have learned. If these connections are not reviewed regularly they fade over time so it is important to review information regularly and creatively.

This is our suggested review schedule.





 For how long?

 First Review


 10 minutes later


 About 10 minutes
 Second Review


 1 day later About 5 minutes
 Third Review


1 week later Between 2 – 5 minutes
 Fourth Review


 1 month later Between 2 – 5 minutes

Reviewing does not need to be a time consuming process, as long as the time is used effectively. Timetables are a great way to manage your time. You can download a template Timetable here.

Remember, to schedule in 5 minute stretch breaks every 30 – 45 minutes. Trust me, students may think studying all day means will get more done BUT the brain’s level of recall and understanding diminishes significantly after an hour or so. Therefore, all that ‘hard work’ is a waste of time.

Give yourself a break. Work smarter not harder.


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