A day in the life of a LPT presenter!

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Teachers often ask when booking a workshop with us for the first time, “What actually happens on the day?” Well, who can give you the best insight in to a day with Learning Performance – one of our fabulous presenters! Here is  Fayon Cottrell’s version of events.

I’m Fayon and I have worked with LPT for three (wonderful) years. 

I’m visiting a well – known theatre school today. Jazz hands at the ready, its GLEE time! 

I quickly understood how passionate and focused the  teachers were about their students achieving great results and contributing in a  to the already glowing reputation of the school! I love that. 

After meeting up with my fellow presenters in reception, we were all taken to our rooms and left with 30 minutes to prepare before the students arrived. The room was already set up, so all I needed to do was crank up the power point presentation, write  some facts about my self on the board, (these are wiped away soon after and used as part of testing their initial memory,) and hit play to get some funky music pumping out. Booklets at the ready it’s 9am…Here come the students!

Today’s workshop is a half – day programme called “Reach for the Stars!”  The music is a definite plus as by 9.05 they can’t resist dancing in their seats – perhaps it will be like a Glee episode after all?! 

I begin with my introduction and then ask them to work in pairs and deliver back their intro’s so we can all hear. They complete a name plate which they design from out of the booklets and I now have a better idea of whose’s in the room and I give them a brief outline of the workshop. 

My workshop is a combination of ice breakers, video’s to reinforce the content and as much participation as I can get from them. Why should I be the only one jumping about?! The students I worked with today were really sharp. I found it easy to get them involved in all aspects of the workshop. 

The students were more than happy have a picture taken. Here we are! 

Our very own Miss Motivator - Fayon with students.

Our very own Miss Motivator – Fayon with students.



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